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This collection of dark-ambient tracks are washes of audio intended to be played in series, as a list. Likewise, the accompanying visuals are crafted to be played in sequence. They remain unceasing in their tempo and unbroken in their tone. These are true stories of true events with enduring consequences, crafted to elicit an overall sense of optimism.

We recommend playback after dark, on a quality screen. Preferably, the viewer is within one to two hours of sleep. Headphones or quality monitors for sound. Watch and listen with other humans. Match your heart rates, match your breathing. Match your screaming.

The accompanying films were created across 5 states (OR, WA, CA, NY, TN) using over 14 different cameras and multiple filmstocks.

13 Videos / 63 Min.
Impactist Scared People Nearby Image
Impactist Forged High Scores Image
Impactist Your Inside Voice Sounds Like Outside Image
Impactist Carbonated Naturalism Image
Impactist Time Landscape Image
Impactist Proteus Requests a Dialogue Image
Impactist Earthworked Image
Impactist Weather but it Has a Season Finale Image
Impactist Float Ratios Image
Impactist Dad Says No Image
Impactist Sensual Self Programming Image
Impactist Inky Black Wax Catastrophe Image
Impactist Vending Machine Learning Image


16 songs, 2 hours 15 min.