FXX / 2014

Montage of the episodic package and promos we created for the fourth and final season of Wilfred on FXX.

More info: https://blog.impactist.com/tag/wilfred/

Our work for previous seasons of Wilfred:
Season 3 / Season 2 / Season 1

All content and audio created by Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.

Audio Track:
“Parallelogram” by Impactist

Client: FX Networks
Stephanie Gibbons, President of Marketing and On-Air Promotions
John Varvi, SVP On-Air Promotions
Ethan Adelman, VP On-Air Promotions
Steve Viola, SVP of Broadcast Design
Amie Nguyen, Art Director of Broadcast Design
Michael Perez, Manager of Broadcast Design