Below are the methods used to solve or "undo" the anagrams that make up the titles of the books. As for the books author, Mare Doweling, it is simply an anagram using our individual last names Meador Elwing.

Impactist Undo Key - Patio Tract
The Patio Tract = The Patriot Act

Falling pages indicate the letter position from their current location. Length of fall determines how far to move. Empty or full columns indicate direction, left or right.

Impactist Undo Key - Revolting Conceit
Revolting Conceit = Electronic Voting

Page groups indicate word position for letter. Redacted pages correspond to letters that appear in the first word of a two word anagram.

Impactist Undo Key - Cat Soup Extractor
Cat Soup Extractor = Corporate Tax Cuts

Graphic blocks reveal word position for letter. Center block represents no change, whereas a block up indicates letter belongs to second word and block down indicates third word possession.

Impactist Undo Key - The Fox is Alive
The Fox is Alive = The Axis of Evil

Simplest graphical tool to solve anagram is given with direct indication of letters' true placement to undo puzzle.

Impactist Undo Key - Emptying Discos
Emptying Discos = Domestic Spying

Circular arrow graphics give letter position using common language of a clock face. Clockwise arrows move letters right and counter clockwise arrows move letters left.

Impactist Undo Key - Napalm Tilt
Napalm Tilt = Pat Tillman

Simple graphic bars use self described measurements to show letters' final relative positions to current anagram jumble.

Impactist Undo Key - Tear Welder
Tear Welder = Walter Reed

Cover splits into ten instances which are then marked with either white or black x's to indicate word position of letters.

Impactist Undo Key - Deviant Letter Dimension
Deviant Letter Dimension = Middle East Intervention

Plus and minus graphics correlate to jumbled letters as they exist in order. Graphics tell relative movement forward with plus signs, or back with minus signs. Null sets with both plus and minus indicate zero movement to undo anagram.

Undo Crypto 9
Rating Firepower = War Profiteering

Hash marks in groups count letter movement to simplify anagram. Direction of movement is not given.