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Behold! The school field trip. Take yourself back to those years when a field trip felt like a vacation. The lessons learned and knowledge collected can be vividly recounted and mentally reconstructed. These short projects reflect back on those excursions with focus on isolated moments therein. Like these outings, the techniques employed in the creation of the series are as varied as the days lesson and classroom syllabus.

Field Trip is a series of motion and audio compositions relating to and exploring first and second hand experiences in regard to contextual learning. This series is an autobiographical account of the grade school activities of Impactist. A total of six motion and eleven audio compositions comprise the series.

Short Films:
“Lunch Special”
“Rainy Day Recess”
“Bread Factory”
“Hong Kong 68”

Field Trip (11-track Album)

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Impactist Field Trip Notebook and Pencil