After asking us to to compose a few new music tracks for their summer refresh, Cartoon Network kindly invited us and five other studios to work together on an exquisite corpse inspired animation. A sixty second version of “Wires,” one of the tracks we made, plays in the background while the CMY stylings of directors from around the world are put to work and showcase characters from Cartoon Network programming.

Because of our initial music involvement, our animated section from :20 to :30 places further focus on the audio with little Gunter playing the keys while Bloxx transforms his iceberg into a supersonic-superstar dj space booth. Go Goontz!

More info:

Directed by (in running order):
Alex Grigg (England)
Eamonn O'Neill (England)
Impactist (US)
CRCR (France)
Rubber House (Australia)
Awesome Inc. (US)

Audio Track:
“Wires” by Impactist

Client: Cartoon Network
Michael Ouweleen, SVP Creative Group Cartoon Network
Jacob Escobedo, VP Design Creative Group Cartoon Network
Leslie Kleine, Senior Producer Creative Group Cartoon Network