In Radiolab We Trust - A limited print set to benefit Radiolab and WNYC.

1 in a set of 5 prints. Each stamped and numbered in an edition of only 50.
Gocco Print. Size C5 (160mm x 260mm)

Design by Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing
Project and printing by Jez Burrows

Impactist Radiolab Print


In Radiolab We Trust is a limited, affordable set of prints by five international artists, designers and illustrators - Jez Burrows, Frank Chimero, Nicholas Felton, Meg Hunt, and Impactist - the profits from the sale of which (after some scant printing and packaging costs are reclaimed) will go entirely to Radiolab and WNYC, New York Public Radio.

ABOUT OUR PRINT: “Golden Record Prequel”

Like a message in a bottle, the Golden Record that was part of NASA's Voyager mission and preceding Pioneer missions was a serious attempt at creating an introduction of sorts to any potential cosmic neighbors. This was a topic explored in a Radiolab program in May of 2006.

Taking this as a starting point, we developed our own system of communication similar to that on the aforementioned Golden Record and also the engraved plaques attached to NASA's Pioneer probes. This design has been created from the viewpoint of what we would consider an intelligent civilization that existed millions of years before ourselves, though from a planet within our own Solar System.

Symbols and simple binary code communicate our message which ranges from simple to detailed, intelligently arranged and intentionally composed. Within the coded and concentrated language is a key which unlocks the remainder.

The information that is to be conveyed by this design includes:

  • - The key itself.
  • - A alignment message for deciphering the pictographic data.
  • - Basic geometric knowledge.
  • - Home planet and satellite awareness.
  • - Chemical makeup of the atmosphere.
  • - Elemental abundance of the top ten elements in the known universe.
  • - Location probe was launched from within the Solar System.
  • - Arrangement of the Solar System.
  • - Direction of launch and gravitational sling of the probe this information is contained on.
  • - Pictographic images of the two main species of life on this home planet.
  • - Pictographic images of sequential animation to demonstrate an awareness of space time.